Is A and D Ointment the Way to Go?

A&D ointment versus a natural product for the tattooing process....

Throughout the years most artists around the country and the world have utilized A&D ointment during the tattooing process, but that may all be about to a change.  A&D has petroleum base which is not a natural product and may enter the body when used during the tattooing process.  Myself and many others have been experimenting with cocoa butter concentrate during the tattooing process.  Cocoa butter contains all natural substances that your body can more easily break down and in turn causes less swelling, less redness, faster healing times, brighter healing and no greasy petroleum mess.  I mean think about it, petroleum is entering the body through means of tattooing... hint, hint... petroleum... would you want that in your body?   Hell no!  Now cocoa butter is all natural which your body will react to better, I have used cocoa butter for the past month or so and have had better results than the use of A&D ointment.  I do recommend continuing using A&D to help heal for the first couple of days, that or Aquaphor, but this subject is about the tattooing process not the healing process, so for you all out there give it a shot you wont be disappointed.  Make sure you purchase the right cocoa butter, I use the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Concentrate in a tub its thick like A&D ointment, and a little way goes so much further than A&D ointment.  Try it out my fellow artists you will thank me down the road.

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