Featured Tattooists

T.A.G. occasionally features the exceptional work of our member artists.  If you would like to see your work published on the T.A.G. website email us (tattooartistsguild(at)gmail(dot)com) the following for consideration.

  • 5 (and only five) pictures of your best tattoos.  You may also include a stupid looking picture of yourself as a sixth picture.
  • A brief personal bio. Your bio must be no more than 1500 characters.  Make sure your bio is free of misspellings and is factual... no bullshit, otherwise we'll call you out on it and leave it posted.  DO NOT INCLUDE ANY SALES PITCHES OR PROMOTIONAL LANGUAGE!  Your work should speak for itself. 
  • Be sure to include your name, contact info. and website/facebook address. 
  • You must display the Tattoo Artists Guild member badge prominently on your website/facebook page.  If it is remove your artwork and bio will also be removed from T.A.G.

Only individuals will be published not shops so, make sure your contact info and web links direct specifically to you.

Submissions that do not follow these simple guidelines will be deleted, no matter how awesome you are.  We look forward to seeing your work featured on T.A.G.