Successful Marketing Using Tattooing Social Networks

Online Marketing Strategies for Tattooists

Tattooing is an incredibly fast growing industry and thanks to the Internet those interested in getting work done have easy access to an abundance of tattoo websites and portfolios. This is great for the customer and can be great for the tattooist.

Many tattooists use Facebook or MySpace to show off their work and if you are not it would be a good idea to register and set up an account today. In today's global online market place more and more companies are using these sites to promote themselves and communicate with potential clients.

The following statistics were provided by O’Reilly Media. Between September 2008 and February 2009...

  • The number of Facebook users between the ages of 35 and 44 increased by 51%

  • Facebook users among the ages 45-54 grew by 47%

  • Facebook users ages 26-34 increased by 26%

  • More than half of the 140 million Facebook users are out of college

These are prime tattooing customers and this is why those who are in the tattooing industry should be using these sites as a marketing tools. Using social networking sites is a easy way to gain new clients, communicate with your clients and advertise new products. Successful tattooists use these sites to create buzz and public relations that is specifically geared to their work.

Besides setting up a Facebook and MySpace account what else can you do to better promote yourself as a tattooist? One of the best things a tattoo shop or individual tattooists can do is look for social networking sites that focus on tattooing and set up accounts with them. There are a several out there on the world wide web like GothamTattoo, Tattooillustrator and Tattoonow.

How does setting up an account on these tattooing social networks help your tattooing business? Everyone uses the Internet now days to research and find businesses and services they are interested in. People who are looking to get tattooed are no exception and they visit these tattooing social networks. If they see you on most of the sites they visit then they are more likely to remember you and use your services. Sales is a numbers game and the more people you can put your name and product in front of the more likely they will use your services. People tend to chose products and services from companies they recognize. McDonald's is a good example of this. They sold billions of burgers because everyone in the world recognizes the golden arches logo, which they have successfully burned into the eyes of the general public. This is successful branding.

Start marketing yourself NOW! You can do this by registering with these tattooing social networks. Once you do this you will have the ability to set up your profile, upload photos of your work and create and join groups just like with most other social networking sites. One of the beautiful things about marketing yourself on the Internet is that it usually cost you little to nothing to do so. GothamTattoo and Tattooillustrator is absolutely free to join; on the other hand Tattoonow will charge you a setup fee of $150 and an additional $25 a month, ouch! It would be highly beneficial to join as many of the networks as you can, particularly the free ones. By setting up a profile on these sites you will have the ability to list your business's website address and information, which search engines will pick up. All of this helps to give your business an identity on these tattooing networks as well as helps strengthen your brand. Current members will be able to link up with you by becoming friends, which allows them to follow you and receive updates that you post. Any activity that you perform on these sites is then broadcast to them and possibly to the Internet as whole. Keep your profile professional looking and up to date. Make friends and don't neglect those who friend you.

One great benefit of posting your business's web address and information on tattooing social networks is that search engines like Bing and Google give higher search ranking based on your business's web presence. The larger presence you have on the Internet the more importances search engines give to you in the way of search ranking. They also give higher credences to those tattooing businesses that are linked on other sites specific to tattooing. For example, a custom motorcycle business will get higher search engine ranking if they are listing on a lot of other motorcycle related sites as opposed to being listed on a lot of comic book sites.

Another inexpensive marketing tool is to list yourself and your business in as many online directories as you can. The most important directory to be listed in is Following the advice in this article will help you build your all important web presences, which will translate into higher profits. So, get out there and get yourself noticed. If you follow the simple advice presented in this article you will not only profit financially but more importantly, your fame will become viral in the world wide web.


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