New York Laws: New York City Administrative Code(NEW) : (17-355 - 17-363) Tattoo Regulation Act



§  17-355  Short  title. This subchapter shall be known as the "Tattoo
Regulation Act."
New York Definitions.

§  17-356 Definitions. As used in this subchapter, the following terms
shall be defined as follows:
a. "Tattoo" means any mark on the body of a person made with indelible
ink or pigments injected beneath the outer layer of the skin, or to make
such a mark.
b. "Tattooist" means any person who applies a tattoo to  the  body  of
another person.
New York Licenses.

§  17-357  Licenses.  a.  No  person  shall  engage in the practice of
tattooing without having obtained a license to engage in  such  practice
in the manner prescribed in this subchapter.
b.  The  provisions  of this subchapter shall not apply to a physician
licensed under article one hundred thirty-one  of  the  New  York  state
education law.
c.  Notwithstanding  the  requirements  set forth in this section, the
commissioner may issue a seven-day temporary license to a person holding
a license or similar certification or  registration  to  engage  in  the
practice of tattooing issued under the jurisdiction of another political
subdivision, state or nation. Such temporary license will allow a person
to  apply  tattoos  within  the  city  of  New  York  under  the  direct
supervision of a tattooist holding a license issued  by  the  department
pursuant to subdivision a of this section. Where an applicant for such a
seven-day  temporary  license practices tattooing in a jurisdiction that
does not license or otherwise register tattooists, the commissioner  may
issue   such  seven-day  temporary  license  to  such  person  upon  the
presentation  of  proof  satisfactory  to  the  commissioner  that   the
applicant   has  received  training  equivalent  to  that  necessary  to
satisfactorily pass the examination required in section 17-358. The  fee
for  such temporary license shall be established in rules promulgated by
the commissioner.
New York Licenses, Applications, Procedures And Requirements.
§  17-358  Licenses, applications, procedures and requirements. a. Any
person intending to engage in the practice of tattooing shall  apply  to
the commissioner for a tattoo license, in the form and manner prescribed
by  the commissioner. Such application shall contain such information as
the  commissioner  deems  reasonable  and  necessary  to  determine  the
qualifications  for granting a license to the applicant. The application
shall be subscribed by the  applicant  and  affirmed  under  penalty  of
b.  Any  person  eighteen  years  of  age  or  older  may apply to the
commissioner for a license to practice  tattooing.  No  license  may  be
issued  to  a  person  who has been convicted of criminal tattooing of a
minor in violation of section 260.21 of the New  York  state  penal  law
within the year immediately preceding such license application.
c.  Each  applicant  for  a  tattoo  license shall take an examination
administered by the department in accordance with rules  promulgated  by
the   commissioner   regarding  health  issues  relating  to  tattooing,
including  but  not  limited  to,  infection  control,  utilization   of
universal  precautions as recommended by the federal centers for disease
control and prevention and proper methods of waste disposal. The fee for
such examination shall be established pursuant to rules  promulgated  by
the   commissioner.   An  application  for  a  tattoo  license  must  be
accompanied by satisfactory evidence of passing  such  examination.  The
commissioner  shall issue an informational publication which may be used
by  applicants  for  a  tattoo  license  in  preparing  to   take   such
examination.   The   commissioner   shall   update   such  informational
publication when the commissioner  determines  that  new  health-related
information or techniques have become available.
d. The biennial fee for a tattoo license shall be one hundred dollars.
New York Expiration; Transfer; Assignment; Display.

§  17-359  Expiration;  transfer; assignment; display. a. All licenses
shall be numbered and shall expire two years from the date of issuance.
b. No license shall be assignable or transferable.
c. Each license issued pursuant to this subchapter and a sign  in  the
form  prescribed  by  the commissioner indicating a department of health
and mental hygiene address  or  telephone  number  where  customers  may
register  complaints  shall  be  posted  in  a  conspicuous place on the
premises where the licensee is applying tattoos.
d. A license may be renewed without  examination;  provided,  however,
that if a license is not renewed within two years of its expiration, the
licensee shall be subject to the provisions of section 17-358.
e. Any holder of a license which has been revoked may, upon expiration
of  the revocation period, reapply for such license under the provisions
of section 17-358.
f. All advertising by or  for  a  licensee  must  contain  the  phrase
and the license number of  such  licensee.  For  the  purposes  of  this
subdivision,  an alphabetical listing in a telephone directory shall not
be considered advertising.

New York Sanitary Conditions; Physical Facilities; Equipment; Procedures.
17-360   Sanitary   conditions;  physical  facilities;  equipment;
procedures. a. Every tattoo establishment, store, place or  premises  in
which  one or more tattooists engage in the practice of tattooing, shall
be kept in a clean and sanitary condition at all times  and  shall  have
proper  ventilation  and lighting, waste receptacles, washing facilities
with cold and hot running water, sanitary soap and towels for  customers
and  tattooists  and such other sanitary conditions as required by rules
promulgated by the commissioner.
b.  The  commissioner  shall  promulgate   rules   with   respect   to
hand-washing  by  tattooists,  the wearing of latex gloves by tattooists
and the wearing by tattooists of any other protective  garments  as  the
commissioner may require.
c.  The commissioner shall promulgate rules with respect to the proper
sterilization of tattoo equipment, proper sterilization and disposal  of
needles, and the tattooing procedure, including, but not limited to, the
preparation  of the skin to be tattooed and the treatment of the skin by
the tattooist and the customer following tattooing.
d. The  commissioner  shall  promulgate  rules  with  respect  to  the
tattooing  of  persons  who  have  skin  lesions  or other conditions as
determined by the commissioner.
e. No person shall apply a tattoo to any person under  eighteen  years
of age.
f.  After  the tattooing procedure has been completed, every tattooist
shall provide his or her customers  with  written  instructions  on  the
proper care of tattooed skin.
g.  Every  tattooist shall maintain a record of the name, address, and
age of every customer  and  date  tattooed  and  any  other  information
required  by  the  commissioner and shall report to the commissioner any
information as the commissioner shall determine.
New York Advisory Committee.
§  17-361 Advisory committee. a. There shall be established within the
department an advisory committee to advise the  commissioner  on  health
issues relating to tattooing consisting of a chair and eight individuals
with the following qualifications: (i) two persons with prior experience
in  the  practice of tattooing, one appointed by the speaker of the city
council and one by the mayor; (ii) two persons engaged in  the  training
of  such  practice, one appointed by the speaker of the city council and
one by the  mayor;  (iii)  two  persons,  by  practice  and  profession,
knowledgeable  in the practice of sterilization and sanitary procedures,
one appointed by the speaker of the city council and one by  the  mayor;
and  (iv)  two  persons licensed as dermatologists, one appointed by the
speaker of the city council and one by  the  mayor.  Each  member  shall
serve  for  a  term  of  two  years  without  compensation  and  may  be
reappointed for additional terms. Each member shall reside  in  or  have
his  or  her  primary place of business within the city of New York. The
chair shall be appointed by the commissioner.
b.  The  advisory  committee  shall  make   recommendations   to   the
commissioner  on  all matters relating to this subchapter, including the
promulgation  and  amendment  of  rules  necessary  to  carry  out   the
provisions of this subchapter and such other matters as the commissioner
may deem necessary.
New York Violations And Penalties.
§  17-362  Violations  and  penalties.  a.  The  first conviction of a
licensee for criminal tattooing of a minor under section 260.21  of  the
New  York state penal law shall result in the suspension of such license
for a period of six months. Not later than ten business  days  prior  to
the  expiration  of  such  six-month  suspension, where such a suspended
licensee intends to resume tattooing, such licensee shall  post  a  bond
with  the commissioner in such form and amount as the commissioner shall
require.  Such bond shall remain in full force and effect  for  eighteen
months following the expiration of such six-month suspension. The second
conviction of a licensee for criminal tattooing of a minor under section
260.21  of  the  New  York state penal law within two years of the first
conviction shall result in the revocation of such license for  a  period
of  two  years  and  the forfeiture of such bond as may have been posted
with the commissioner pursuant to this section. The third conviction  of
a licensee for criminal tattooing of a minor under section 260.21 of the
New  York state penal law within two years of the first conviction shall
result in the revocation of such license for a period of five  years.  A
license  issued  pursuant to this subchapter may be suspended or revoked
for any other reasonable cause specified by the commissioner in order to
ensure the health and safety of the public.
b. In addition to any other penalty imposed by any other provision  of
law  or rule promulgated thereunder, any person found to be in violation
of this subchapter or any of the rules promulgated  hereunder  shall  be
liable  for  a  civil penalty of not more than three hundred dollars for
the first violation; not more than five hundred dollars for  the  second
violation  within  a  two-year  period;  and  not more than one thousand
dollars for the third and all subsequent violations  within  a  two-year
c.  A proceeding to suspend or revoke a license authorized pursuant to
subdivision  a  of  this  section,  or  to  recover  any  civil  penalty
authorized pursuant to subdivision b of this section, shall be commenced
by the service of a notice of violation which shall be returnable to the
administrative  tribunal  established  by  the  board  of  health.  Such
tribunal shall have the power to suspend  or  revoke  a  license  issued
pursuant to this subchapter and to impose the civil penalties prescribed
by subdivision b of this section.
New York Rules.

§  17-363 Rules. The commissioner shall promulgate rules in accordance
with the provisions of this subchapter, and such other rules as  may  be
necessary   for  the  purpose  of  implementing  and  carrying  out  the
provisions of this subchapter.