Tattoo Artists' Guild Standards and Practices.

The Tattoo Artists' Guild is an international association of dedicated and responsible members working to elevate and advance the art of tattooing.  Every State in the U.S.A and most sovereign states have different rules and guidelines established by a overseeing body, such as the Department of Health, to regulate the tattooing industry; however, all members of the Tattoo Artist's Guild agree to support and follow these ten most basic set of standards of practice to maintain a high level of integrity in the tattooing industry and to help ensure a safe working environment for the general public and for the tattooist:


  1. No one under the age of 18 years of age will be tattooed, even if parental consent is offered, unless legally sanctioned in the vicinity where the tattooist operates.


  2. Persons under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs will not be tattooed.


  3. All tattooing grips and tubes will be sterilized by use of an autoclave or will be the sterile disposable and single use type.


  4. The tattoo shop or studio shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition at all times and shall have proper ventilation and lighting, waste receptacles and washing facilities.


  5. Only sterile single use needles and ink cups will be used for each tattooing job.


  6. The tattoo area/station, tools, chairs and rests will be cleaned and disinfected before and after each client.


  7. Tattooists will use only sterile inks from reputable sources, which to the tattooist's knowledge are free from toxic or hazardous materials.


  8. When required the tattoo artist will operate only when a current and up to date tattooing license has been obtained and follow all local tattooing rules and regulations.


  9. The tattooist will break the clients needles in front of the client when the tattooing session is over.


  10. Every client will be given clear and written aftercare instructions after being tattooed.


The Tattoo Artists' Guild understands that there could be more guidelines listed; however, we feel that if all tattooists practiced these most basic criterion it would go a long way in elevating the bar of the tattooing industry as a whole.  Ink professionally and ink safely.